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String Inverter 60 kW

60 kW Three-Phase Power Inverter


The ideal solution for decentralized power plants and large commercial buildings

Turn a rooftop or unused land into a profitable source of green, renewable energy, with hih level inovation Sting Inverter´s with newest technologie. At 60 kW, with the capability of sustaining a maximum output of 63.4 kW at PF=1, this is our most powerful and efficient string inverter.

The Inverter is durable, easy to install and service, and designed from the ground up to maximize your revenue. With an industry-leading maximum efficiency of 98.9%, it reduces your operating costs and your Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). For commercial properties or decentralized utilities seeking a solar solution that generates the maximum power, easy and quick services, while promoting grid stability—this Solution is the smart business choice.